A Vision for Cures

We see a world where every disease known to man has a cure; where every person afflicted with an illness has been cured; and where the cures, in every instance, are soothing, comforting and instantaneous.

Thus, we see ourselves having stepped out of the medical dark ages and into the light of a new day where experimentation on humanity by means of harsh, poisonous chemical substances and obsolete surgical methods has been transcended. Now we look deeper into the root causes, the initial thoughts, the emotional issues that gave rise to our illnesses, and we remove them by applying safe, painless and 100% effective corrective measures as a means of curing and healing ourselves.

And finally, we see all those who have a vested interest in the sicknesses of mankind finding other work to do – work that blesses instead of binds, pleases instead of pains, heals instead of harms, cures instead of causes.








“A computer could not work if you kept leaving its totals on the calculator for the next problem. That is what you do with decisions. They have to be made. Sweep them up before making more. It is a new method of thinking and one that keeps you happy. …

“You make New Year’s resolutions. And you make them into the teeth of old resolutions which were different. Then you don’t keep your new resolutions and you tell yourself you are weak-willed. You aren’t weak-willed. You are simply obeying yourself as of yesterday.”






I just returned from my local farmers market with a shopping bag full of fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits, along with a lovely loaf of wheat bread and some miniature tarts. I love buying fresh food. That’s because I am supporting local farmers, taking care of myself with tasty, nutritious food, and doing something positive to support my environment. Many are still unaware of the far-reaching benefits of consuming local and/or organic food and its impact on our diet and the environment. Fortunately, in recent years, there has been an increased awareness about organic food, and more publicity over the harmful effects of pesticides and hormones on our bodies and the environment. I am so relieved to see this growing awareness of the advantages of buying locally grown produce.

The benefits are many! Local farmers who sell their produce directly to consumers are not hindered by packing and shipping factors or concerns about food shelf life. That’s because local produce is brought to market when it is ripe and fresh, and as a consequence is more nutritious and tasty than produce that comes from further away. And, from an environmental standpoint, a local market minimizes pollution because there is less need for product packaging that has to be carted off to landfills, along with less gas emissions from long-distance transport and refrigeration.

Stimulating your local economy is another reason to buy local produce. Farmers who grow and sell locally get to keep about 80% of their revenue compared to the mere 20% profit of farmers who grow food for large corporations and companies. This 60% in extra income can circulate more in your local area, thereby boosting your community. And local farming encourages more fields and open areas and less over-development.

And last but not least, locally grown foods are much better for your general health. When produce is harvested, its nutritious value is at its peak. It loses in freshness and nutritional value each day it is en route to a destination. The sooner you can eat it, the better it is for you. And local foods tend to be seasonal, which is also beneficial for your health.

I hope that you are already a local supporter of your local farmers’ market, and if not, I hope you will consider becoming one. We need to support our community, economy, and our environment.


“The only thing shorter than ‘never’ is ‘always.'”
Author, Seth Godin

Your action for today is to reflect on whether you have recently done something that you once said you’d never do or stopped doing something you said you’d always do.


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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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