A Vision for Equality and Fraternity

We see a world where we have learned to transcend our hierarchical tendencies whereby we have stopped seeing ourselves as “more than” or “less than” one another, but now we only see ourselves as equal in every way to each other. Indeed, we have tamed the Reptilian complex (the R-complex) which lies at the base of the root of our brains and, in doing so, we are no longer having to deal with our territorial tendencies, our fight or flight responses, our kill-or-be-killed reactions, our defensive postures, our control issues and all the violent, harmful behaviors these activities used to engender.

The beast inside of us has disappeared and, as a result, the beast outside of us has gone away, as well. Hierarchical and separatist thinking in all its insidious forms are vanished from our human experience. Now, equality and fraternity reign supreme, as we celebrate peace, prosperity and paradise on Earth having returned to the forefront of our lives.


“Another aspect of the ability to play a game is the willingness to win and the willingness to lose. An individual has to be willing to be cause or willing to be an effect. As far as games are concerned, this is reduced to a willingness to win and a willingness to lose.

“People become afraid of defeat and afraid of failure. The entire anatomy of failure is only that one’s postulates or intentions are reversed in action. …

“It will be seen in this, as well as other things, that the most significant therapy there is, is changing the mind. All things are as one considers they are and in no other way.”







About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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