“If you as an individual had a free choice over your individuality, if you could survive or succumb as any individuality, if you did not have to consistently protect one individuality, you would have recovered free choice in life, wouldn’t you?

“And that’s the highest ability there is: the establishing or disestablishing of an individuality on the level of free choice. If you can do that, you can handle anybody—anybody, anywhere, at any time. That’s a horrible thing to face, somebody who has free choice as an individual.

“Don’t think you can handle a Democrat if you’re being a Republican. All you have to be is a better Democrat than the Democrat you’re handling. And be him too.”






“Any information is valuable to the degree that you can use it. In other words, any information is valuable to the degree that you can make it yours. Scientology does not teach you. It only reminds you. For the information was yours in the first place. It is not only the science of life, but it is an account of what you were doing before you forgot what you were doing.”


“Pay any price to stay in the presence of extraordinary people.”
Author, Mike Murdock

Your action for today is to make a list of the three people with whom you spend most of your time with outside of your immediate family. On a scale of 1-5 how extraordinary are they?


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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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