“We see quite adequately here that an individual still retains anything which he has never accepted As-is. In other words, if a man has fought evil for years, he has never viewed evil As-is. Thus evil will remain with him. If he has fought ugliness for years, ugliness will remain with him.

“Terribly enough, because he has accepted As-is the goodness of life and the beauty of life, these things are continually being unmocked. We eat good food, we leave bad food alone. When something smells bad, we turn our face away from it. Here we have the entire anatomy of the ‘dwindling spiral.’”

A Vision for Love

We see a world having returned to love; where we now love each other, love the animals, love the plants, love the Earth and all her beautiful manifestations – the oceans, rivers, lakes, mesas, canyons, deserts, forests, the winds, the rains, the snows, the warmth of the Sun, the glow of the moon, the light of the stars – we love it all.

We love ourselves, as well. We love our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our spirits, our work, our hobbies, our friends and families, our shortcomings, our lessons, our adversities, our trials, our enemies, our emotions in good times and bad – we love it all.

And we love our experiences; the ones that teach us, the ones that excite us, the ones that touch us, the ones that soothe us, the ones that change us, the ones that feed us, and the ones that stretch us to become more than we have been. We love it all.

For it is in loving it all that we become it all, and we fulfill the promise we made to ourselves before we came to this beautiful, abundant planet.









“The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done.”
Golfer, Arnold Palmer

Your action for today is to see if you have ever done something that at one point you thought you couldn’t do; now notice how you feel about doing it.


About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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