Lee Lozowick: an ordinary man who became extraordinary!

If you think it is really hard to succeed in life, to lead the life you wish to live and reach a deep state of personal and spiritual development and well-being, read Lee Lozowick’s story and teachings: an ordinary man who became extraordinary!

Beyond what’s real and appearances

In 1975, Lee Lozowick was a business man who succeeded in everything he undertook. He also taught a personal meditation method for self-development. One day, his whole life changed after he spent the night meditating and praying.

On that famous summer night of 1975, Lee Lozowick had an awakening experience! Without intending to, he had reached the state of ultimate awareness, which is recognized by many religions and spiritual teachings.

An “awakening state” means reaching a higher state of awareness. It is often the ultimate state of supreme knowledge, one that triggers an accurate vision of the nature of the world beyond what’s real and appearances.

Many religions and traditions believe our preconceived ideas and our conscious mind form a barrier that prevents us from seeing the world as it is. Our mind forms something akin to a layer of dust on the pane through which we see the world. With our usual state of awareness, we don’t see the world as it is. We interpret it with our ideas.

A sharp perception of the world

Activating this awakening state amounts to cleaning the pane through which we see the world of this opaque layer formed by the ideas entertained in our conscious mind.

Not only did Lee Lozowick experience this spiritual turnaround on that day back in 1975 but his understanding of the real nature of reality and awareness kept developing afterwards.

In his eyes, there was no limit to this awakening expansion which lies within anybody’s reach provided that the right method is used and that the right mindset is adopted, one that is conducive to this awakening.

A life he wanted to be ordinary

He then formed a community (the Holm community). He did not claim to be a spiritual master because he was an ordinary man. However, his natural magnetism drew many followers to him and the community moved to Arizona in 1980.

Forming a community was not a way of withdrawing from the world. Quite the contrary, Mr. Lee – as he was actually called – started many activities: music and art. He created his own rock music group called “Liars, gods and beggars”.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar, the spiritual master whom he had met back in 1970 in India, only paid attention to him in 1976 after his spiritual awakening! Six long years of waiting and determination before he could really be close to him.


Lee’s principles

* For Lee Lozowick, vegetarianism is the diet that is best suited to humans’ health. It respects life as a whole and increases life expectancy.

* In his eyes, we must accept our condition, no matter what it is. It does not mean it cannot be changed but it must – first of all – be accepted without judging or complaining.

Realize who you really are today and you could then change things to finally lead the life you long for!


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