“Remember there’s always a starting point. People who have trouble performing things in life have not ever determined their starting point in life, you see? …

“That sounds like one of these horrible simplicities that any boob would know. But the funny part of it is, is very few people know this.

“No matter how great, magnificent, insignificant, horrible, diabolical or beautiful an action or accomplishment might be, such as, ‘Let’s remold Earth so that it is a cube.’ …

“Well, the first thing you’d have to do, of course, is to have a goal and find out what you were trying to do. And the next thing that you’d have to have would be, of course, a starting point. …

“Well, if you never had a starting point, believe me, you would never get Earth into a cube. But the funny part of it is, if you had a starting point, you would at least accomplish part of your goal, if not all of it.”






“In order to have an understanding of yourself, you must have good ARC with yourself.

“It is not evil to like yourself or love yourself. It is very low toned not to be fond of yourself.

“All the dynamics are interactive. If you love others, you will love yourself. If you hate others, you will hate yourself. …

“A healthy state of being is to be a friend to yourself.”


“People are as happy as they choose to be.”
Henry Ford

Your action for today is to make a conscious choice to be happy throughout the day.


About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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