“Things get simpler and more beautiful and more interesting and more intense and more concentrated and more able, the higher and higher he goes toward an Operating Thetan. And he’s led there by interest and the keynote of that interest is sensation. …

“The road toward sensation, the road toward interest, is away from automaticity and toward being able to perceive from things one has made, all the sensation and more sensation than he was ever able to obtain in the MEST universe.”








“We discover as we walk down the street that somebody is watering their lawn, they’ve got the side of the car all wet. You want to change what they are doing, and so forth, and you say, ‘What the devil’s the matter with you, getting water all over my car! Yiya-yiya.

“This fellow will have no idea of what you are saying. He probably won’t even recognize that he’s gotten some water on your car. He simply recognizes somebody is mad at him and he will fight you. That’s because we took the A out of it and put it way downscale, you see. And so we used a barrier—hate is a barrier. And we took a barrier and put it on the line and then we were going to communicate and then we’re going to get some agreement?

“You want him to agree to turn the hose off the side of your car. Well, there would be many ways to accomplish this, but one of the better ways to do it would simply—to coincide with him, slightly. And as he’s holding the hose nozzle, you would walk up and take hold of the hose nozzle very, very gently, you see, and not threateningly at all, very quietly and gently and just steer it away from the side of your car.

“And he would turn around to you and say, ‘Oh, I’m awfully sorry. I… I didn’t notice I was doing this.’

“If you want to know anything about handling people, you’d better know about ARC. And all you really have to know is that when any corner of this triangle deteriorates, the other two corners deteriorate. That’s really all you have to know. And to raise any two corners of this triangle, you only have to raise one.”


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