“It is where a man spends his money that shows where his heart is.”
Cleric, Edwin Keigwin

Your action for today is to make a contribution to a charity of your choice.







“Did you ever see a fellow walk out and pick up a set of golf clubs and knock a ball down the line 220 yards or something of the sort and say, ‘Gee, I think I like golf.’ And he goes on and he plays golf for a few days, all of a sudden he gets terrible, he never gets that good afterwards. Did you ever see this happen?

“Well, it’s very simple. The fellow walked up, looked at the golf clubs and says, ‘I know,’ picked it up, knew, hit, bang! After a few days… he decided that he couldn’t possibly know, that there was a lot to learn about golf. The second he decided that, he became a lousy player—boom!

“Any one of you, when you were young, had the experience of walking up to a piece of machinery, equipment or something of the sort and you knew exactly what to do with it. …

“‘I Know’ is up here. It is that terrific, easy, self-confidence, self-assurance of being able to do anything or to know anything.”


“The person who never makes a mistake works for someone who does.”
Baron, Hector Laing

Your action for today is to do something outside of your comfort zone that may result in a mistake.


About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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