We have to go well up the Tone Scale in order to get a Third Dynamic group which will survive all by itself and for the group and for the individual too. Why? It’s because high on the Tone Scale you get greater and greater spreads out into the dynamics. As a person goes up the Tone Scale, his ability to control his environment is wider and wider and wider. It includes outer, further dynamics.

“So until he has controlled all of One, it is almost impossible for him to control Two. And until he has controlled Two, it is almost impossible for him to either control or operate successfully in Three. And until he is able to operate wholly successfully in Three, he can’t operate in Four and so on. It’s an expanding perimeter.”


Definition of ‘freedom’ would be freedom to play a game. Nothing more and nothing less. …

“Well, when one doesn’t have a right to play a game, why, his freedom has been injured. If somebody makes it so that it isn’t fun anymore, that is an incursion against freedom. …

“When it’s no longer fun to be a peasant and when it’s no longer fun to be a good officer, when it’s no longer fun to be a good janitor, when one can’t have his own pride and self-respect in what he’s doing and so forth, his freedom has been entered upon more deeply than anyone has a right to enter upon freedom.

“So, where are you trying to put your preclear under this definition of freedom? You’re trying to get him out of a compulsive and obsessive dramatization of what he conceives to be ‘freedom,’ into the freedom to enjoy it.”







“Persistence trumps talent.”
An Unknown Author

Your action for today is to reflect on where your persistence has paid off.

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