“A child can be considered to have formed his general basic purpose in life somewhere around the age of two. …

“This purpose is quite valid and the preclear can be expected to rehabilitate his life along its dictates unless he is too oppressed by his environment (although it can be remarked that a Clear will ordinarily order or change his environment until he has rehabilitated himself).”







Are there times you feel that you need some space? Actually, we all need some “space,” which includes time and space to ourselves to recharge our batteries and renew our spirit. In ancient times, such places were considered sacred and were often found in nature – a grove, hill or valley. Now that spring is here, spending time outdoors could be an excellent option if you have a corner in your yard or patio or even a public green space area that is peaceful. But you don’t necessarily need to be outdoors to have a sacred space. You can create a sacred space right in your own home.

It doesn’t matter how small your living quarters are, even a corner of a room can do nicely, Cathrine. A sacred space is an area where you can sit and meditate, contemplate, or let your mind wander and relax, ponder, and dream. You can place a small table or a shelf in a corner on which you arrange images or photos or pieces of artwork that hold meaning for you. Bring in nature with perhaps some flowers or a small plant, or seashells, or perhaps a crystal. Lighting a candle or incense, or an essential oil diffuser can help to promote an atmosphere of serenity. Place a comfortable chair there. A wind chime or some bells, or perhaps a CD of soothing music can also help set the scene.

Joseph Campbell, the famous author who wrote about myths and incorporating them into our lives, knew the importance of a need for a sacred space. He said, “If you have a sacred space and take advantage of it and use it every day, something will happen… Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”

Now take some time to read through your forecast to get an overview of the week. Be sure to jot down the days that are special so that you can take advantage of them.






“The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else.”
Poet, E. E. Cummings

Your action for today is to contemplate and discover a feature or trait that is unique about you.


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