We have found a missing word in the English language. There is no word for self-created truth. All self-created truths are, by definition in the English language, lies.

“So we couldn’t put here ‘The static is capable of considerations, lies and opinions,’ because they are not lies. When he says, ‘There is a man standing in front of me that I have just mocked-up,’ there is one. If he said there was one and there wasn’t one, that would be a lie. But he has done a self-created truth, you see. That’s quite different, then, than a lie.

“A lie is he does one thing and says something else, you see, or he sees one thing and says it’s something else. That would be a lie. But a self-created truth would be simply the consideration generated by self.

“Well, we just borrow the word which is in seldom use in the English language: we call that postulate. And we mean by postulate self-created truth. He posts something, he puts something up. And that’s what a postulate is.”





“Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone.”
Philosopher and Author, Thomas Carlyle

Your action for today is to make a decision on something you’ve been considering.


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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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