“This individual is unable to trust, but he will tell you, ‘Well, I can’t trust because, you see, if I trusted, why then, somebody would betray me.’ The trouble with him is, is he can’t trust. And he will still tell you that somebody would betray him if he trusted anyone. …

“He’ll be as well as he can trust people. Do you know, he’s as safe in this universe as he can trust it? You know, the only betrayal that gets into this universe, he enters? He asks to be betrayed. He begs to be betrayed, morning, noon and night. If you doubt this, try to run betrayal on a preclear sometime. You’ll find out that he treats it like a sponge treats water. Betrayal—sllrrpt! Wonderful stuff.

“He’s trying to get as distrustful as possible. Well, why is he doing that? That’s because he’s trying to get individualized. He has to be distrustful in order to be individualized. …

“He can tolerate as many viewpoints as he can trust. He’s as well as he can tolerate a lot of viewpoints. You get somebody who won’t exteriorize, the only reason he won’t exteriorize is he can’t tolerate any other viewpoints than the viewpoints he’s got. That’s because he distrusts all other viewpoints. Simple.”





“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”
Financier, Bernard M. Baruch

Your action for today is to sit in a meeting or engage someone in a conversation where you do most of the listening.


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  1. Thank you for the picture, sir. You are like the tree in the picture. From the will and power to look at the sky with the best of what you own from the beauty of ehab.alsheikh@icloud.com

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