It may be that an individual can say to himself, ‘Well, I’m going to survive forever’ and lay in a postulate of that character and go on and do so. …

“You pick up a florist’s guide, these fellows are always in the future. They always want to see what’s growing. They always want to see what’s going to happen to these plants tomorrow. They’ve got a couple of new breeds coming along.

“And they’re working out there in the slush and rain and into the hot hothouse and out into the cold atmosphere all winter long. And you would say, ‘Why, boy, these guys would be in horrible condition.’ No, they’re not.

“You pick up an old—a florist’s guide and it tells you—the obituary in it: ‘Smith, J.: automobile wreck, age ninety-six.’ And that’s about the way those ages run, by the way. Those ages run from 90 to about 110. Really wonderful.

“Because their environment says ‘future.’ And of course, their environment is actually full of life. They are growing things. Their activity is very constructive.”


“We instinctively revere the great artist, painter or musician and society as a whole looks upon them as not quite ordinary beings.

“And they are not. They are a cut above man. …

“He who can truly communicate to others is a higher being who builds new worlds.”




“Always remember that striving and struggling precede success, even in the dictionary.”
Writer, Sarah Ban Breathnach

Your action for today is to see if there is something that you are currently struggling with and remind yourself that this may be an ingredient for your success.


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