“If you continue to postulate something, it’ll eventually materialize. …

“Supposing you just went around postulating yourself as Tone 40 and weren’t? … Why isn’t a person able to do this? … It’s because he runs it out before he runs it in. …

“He’s long since postulated it and then he had a tremendous number of failures, so he stopped postulating it, that he was so high-toned and so forth. So he starts postulating it and of course this runs him through all of his failures and he’ll feel like hell. Sooner or later he’ll give up postulating it, won’t he?

“Well all right, that’s just when he should have kept on. And he goes on—and he postulated long enough, you see, and acted on it often enough, he would eventually come up to just being a total postulate on the thing, you see, and he’d be all set all over again.”




“It’s not necessarily true that any part of his considerations are made up of As-isness. Because if they were, they wouldn’t be there.

“In other words, he also has been trained to believe that loss is bad. This is just a reverse postulate, just to keep life interesting. Loss is bad.

“So therefore, he has a tendency to avoid As-isness. So therefore, he’ll avoid duplication, he’ll avoid all kinds of things. He’s afraid he’ll unmock.”

“Be careful of the environment you choose, for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose, for you will become like them.”
Author, W. Clement Stone

Your action for today is to think of three of your close friends and identify what qualities you like the most and the least about them.


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