“No, you never learn about—you never learn about man by avoiding man. You have to walk with man to know man. You never learn about life by withholding yourself totally from life.

“If you do hold yourself entirely away from life and if you are of a frame of mind that keeps you detached from existence, you will always continue to be a slave. You’ll be a slave to something. Only if you can live, only if you can freely circulate in existence, only if you can face up to your fellow man, only if you can talk to the beings that exist on the planet you’re on at the time, can you have any idea of the reality of existence or can you form any real opinion of existence.”






A Vision for Prisoners

Our next Vision comes to us from our midwife friend, Katy O’Leary in California. Katy writes to 6 or 7 people in prison and she demonstrates a compassion for our prisoners that is much needed today.  

Katy says, “I have a vision of prisoners now feeling love in their hearts, and letting go of hatred and fear. I imagine, in my mind’s eye, the judges, the parole board members, and the wardens having love in their hearts, the guards having love in their hearts, and that many new releases are occurring. So many, in fact, that the prisons have become smaller and smaller. The men and women inside are feeling the love of Creation in their hearts; they are taking that in and living from their heart. As a result there no need for anything that looks like the present day prison system anymore.

I see a world where the walls of the prisons have fallen down like they did way back at the Bastille in France – when it was the people who brought the walls down. Thank you.

Peace and Love,
Katy O’Leary



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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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