“His idea of security will be ‘How much money do I have in the bank?’ That’s his idea of security. That’s an awfully poor idea of security.

“I’ll tell you how secure he is. He is secure as he can bring into existence wealth. And when he loses the ability to bring wealth into existence, even though he has saved a great deal of money, although he has a lot of quantities of money scattered around, he’s liable to find himself a pauper. …

“Well now, we look at it from a highly, what we call practical sense and we say, ‘Well, that’s all very well for you to talk, but it would be awfully nice right this minute to have a couple of thousand bucks in my pocket.’

“Well, why haven’t you? It’s because you can think in terms of ‘It would be awfully nice to have,’ saying at the same time, ‘I don’t have,’ saying at the same time, ‘To some degree there is some obstacle between two thousand bucks and me.’”







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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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