“It is a universe which is driven together by terror—an emotion of terror the like of which one has never really seen, unless he’s got really down there and looked at it. …

“Your immediate assumption would be, ‘Gee, there’s something really terrifying!’ …

“What was there to be afraid of? Well, afraid of the idea that you might be afraid. And if you’re afraid enough of being afraid then you’ll become afraid. And if you become afraid then you can be afraid of becoming more afraid.

“And then you’ll become more afraid and you’ll get yourself up into a full state of terror and pull in the anchor points real tight and you’ll get smaller and smaller and hold on to what MEST you’ve got. … And that’s the cycle.”








“There are no interest-free shortcuts. If you skip a stage in one way, you pay for it in another.”
Author, Peter Abrahams

Your action for today is to think about a project where you may be cutting corners, then do a thorough job instead.


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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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