Journey through Parallel Universes

The universe in which we are evolving every day may not be the only existing one. Other universes are said to exist and different things are said to happen there. They are called parallel universes. According to what is reported, our doppelgangers live there and may even live different lives than the one we are leading. Follow me to the farthest reaches of our universe!

Welcome to the theory of parallel universes!

The theory of parallel universes is not just a fantasy of our imagination or the subject of science-fiction movies.

It is also an extremely serious scientific theory, which was put forward in 1957 by a highly regarded American scientist: Hugh Everett.

Many other scientists supported his theory, like the physicist Leonard Susskind from Stanford University, California. According to him, some of these universes are “inhabited”. In his opinion, there might even be billions of parallel universes.

Several “I”?

According to the theory backing the existence of parallel universes, several worlds might coexist in different dimensions.

In these worlds, different “I” live different lives. In other words, different versions of ourselves live a different life than the one we are leading in our universe.

The theory of parallel worlds is often connected to the spiritual notion of destiny and the scientific notion of probability.

Yes indeed, according to the parallel worlds philosophy, which can be found in many religions of spiritualties, Man can choose between several destinies at any time through the decisions he makes.

For instance, let’s imagine that you are walking down a path. At some point, you arrive at a crossroads… You can choose to keep walking straight ahead, turn right, or turn left.

Depending on the decision you make and the reasons lying behind your decision, a different destiny will be traced for you.

Let’s say that you decide to turn right. After a few miles, you are faced with a similar choice to make, with more or less options than before.

Once again, depending on the direction you take, a different life will await you. And so on.

Which direction to follow?

This example based on your decisions makes it possible to understand the parallel universes theory.

From a scientific point of view in quantum mechanics, it could be said that the elementary particles composing each fragment of the universe – and, as a result, of each human being – may be divided at any time into several parts. It is the law of probability.

From a human point of view, it could be said that parallel universes represent the multiple possibilities resulting from the choices each human being makes at any time.

Thus, every one of us might have doppelgangers living a more or less happy life, a life with more or less wealth during which they are more or less famous, more or less lucky and have more or less children…


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