“If a person were to acquire the ability and choice of interiorization and exteriorization into any and all fields of life, any and all activities or positions, he would, without the slightest difficulty, control his entire environment. …

“If you develop facilities for tossing a ball into a basket—if you want that facility to continue and exist and be under your control, you’ll also have to develop the facility of throwing the ball outside of the basket. Got it?

“If you want the facility of writing good stories, you also must continue to have the ability to write bad ones. You see this? Because every time we set up one side of a dichotomy as the only thing which can occur, we put on automatic the other side and just sort of let that go along, you see?

“And it, then, becomes the ruling and overmastering item. The one which is not looked at, which has gone beyond the power of choice, is the one which then accedes to control. If you want to be controlled, put something on automatic. If you put something on automatic, remember to have and retain the skill to take it off of automatic.”










“An individual for whom everything is done has no energy left to do anything. Just look around in the society and find individuals for whom everything is done and you find the most languid individuals.

“You’ll find people all around you who say, ‘If I just had a little more, if I just had a couple of maids and six or eight this and if I just had twelve more girls working in the office and if I just had all of these things and so on, I’d have all of this leisure time and I’d get all kinds of things done.’

“Well, what do you know, the more help he gets, the more things are done for him, the less he does. And he gets finally down and he—you just look at this boy and he just sinks down in a chair—sits down. …

“In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.”
Broadcaster, Walter Cronkite

Your action for today is to revisit a situation where you made some conclusions about something or someone that may not be totally accurate because you didn’t have all the facts.


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