“The reason why an individual cannot approach a future goal or even strongly postulate one, lies in his inability to resolve the present or to make a decision in the past. …

“The future is always full of traps. Where would we ever get randomity and adventure if it was not? It is a matter of facing the future, confident and unafraid despite obstacles, that distinguishes the superior being.”







“An individual should be able to tolerate any kind of a viewpoint. He should be able to sit in any kind of a viewpoint and look at anything. And he should, of choice, see it or not see it. He could be able to look at anything but then see it or not see it at will.

“And we find out quite additionally to that, very pertinent to the business of living, he should be able to like or dislike people, agree or disagree, at will, communicate or not communicate, be any kind of a cause or any kind of an effect.

“And if he’s that, is he free? Birds are trapped compared to him. He’s free. What makes him free? The ability to consider and reconsider at will, the ability to view anything in this universe or any action or motion in this universe. And that’s his passport.”

“If you can’t help it, don’t think about it.”
Actor, Carmel Myers

Your action for today is to take a situation that has you worried. See if there is some action you can take to address it. If there is, take it. If there isn’t, let it go and focus on something else.

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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