At some point in life, we encounter things that make us fearful, uncomfortable or uneasy. In my line of work, I often find myself helping clients and friends deal with their anxieties about their future or their difficulties in letting go of the past. For example, they could be having real trouble getting over a relationship break up. Or maybe their children have left home, and they suddenly find themselves yearning to fill that void. Right now anxiety and worry seem to be at an all time high. For example, look at instability in Britain since their exodus from the European Union and the US’s transition to a new presidency.    Such fears and regrets can make it very difficult to cultivate a positive outlook on a daily basis. Personally,I don’t believe there is a single person in the entire world who doesn’t have worries, harbor some regret in their heart or long for some part of their life they have lost. At some point, all of us make a mistake or lose something we cherish dearly or encounter situations in life that cause us a great deal of anxiety or fear. The important thing is how we handle such situations. To live a joyful life and to reach our fullest potential emotionally, spiritually and materially, we need to feel part of a community and accept the “here and now.”

I have a strong belief that happy and successful folk are the ones who are able to forgive themselves for their mistakes and effortlessly move on. They realize they are stronger being part of a community. They learn something important and then apply that knowledge to all future projects. That way it is easy to be optimistic about how things will turn out.

And you know, feeling positive about the future really does seem to have an effect on our well-being. So, my message to you this week is to forgive yourself for anything in the past that you may have screwed up, reach out to those who make you feel good and embrace the future with open arms.








“If you have not consciously made the decision to be rich, excellent, and healthy, then you have unconsciously made the decision to be poor, mediocre, and unhealthy.”
Author, Wallace D. Wattles

Your action for today is to consciously do something extra towards obtaining one of the qualities you desire in your life.


About catherinehislop

I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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