Use the Power of your Brain Waves

Our brain naturally emits brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta waves), which have many properties. We can put them at our service to change many aspects of our life. Learn to generate different types of brain waves and use them in your favor to improve your life.

From the waking state… to altered states of awareness!

The five known types of brain waves vibrate at different frequencies. Their intensity is calculated in Hertz (one Hz corresponds to an impulse per second).

I will detail the properties of the brain waves inducing different states, from the waking state, also called normal state of consciousness, to more and more significant altered states of awareness, granting deeper access to our inner psychological and extrasensory abilities.

Beta Waves

Beta waves (frequencies fluctuating between 15 and 30 Hz) are associated with the normal and daily state of wakefulness. There is no need to try to generate them because the natural daily activity of our brain does that.

To generate Beta waves of better quality, you simply need to remain calm under any circumstance and emit positive thoughts.

So, do your best to lead a quiet and balanced life to improve the quality of your Beta waves and generate the other types of waves more quickly.

Gamma Waves

Gamma waves (frequencies fluctuating between 30 and 35 Hz) are triggered by phases of intense intellectual reflection. To generate them, think about a problem you want to solve and maintain this state of concentration for as long as possible. You will then progressively find solutions to your problem.

Alpha Waves

Alpha Waves (frequencies fluctuating between 9 and 14 Hz) will enable you to attain the first level of altered states of awareness.

The altered states of awareness are phases of higher cerebral activity during which your vision of reality is heightened. In such a state, you can also gain access to your hidden abilities and your extrasensory gifts.

You can induce an Alpha brain state by controlling your breathing and taking deep breaths. Start by dedicating 5 minutes to this practice. Then, regularly increase the duration.

Practicing meditation, visualization and positive thinking also triggers Alpha waves. In an Alpha state, you increase your learning abilities and your capacity to assimilate knowledge.

Theta Waves

Theta waves (frequencies fluctuating between 4 and 8 Hz) induce a deeper state of altered awareness than the one generated by Alpha waves.

A Theta state can be reached when higher levels of meditation and relaxation are attained. It enables you to become more aware of reality than when in an Alpha state. It becomes possible to find solutions to more complex problems than those Alpha waves can help you solve.

The Theta state enables us to discover the abilities we have but are not yet aware of. It can often cause extrasensory powers or powers of clairvoyance to emerge, predictions about the future to arise or contacts with higher entities to take place…

Delta Waves

Delta waves (frequencies fluctuating between 1 and 4 Hz) are associated with states of deep sleep. You can take advantage of them by programming your dreams before you fall asleep. In such cases, you will remember them more easily and you will derive more teachings from them.


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