Batteries 2,500 years B.C.?

In 1938, Dr Wilhelm König, an Austrian archeologist analyzing a vestige of the Sumerian civilization at the Baghdad museum in Irak, was surprised to discover what strangely looked like a battery!

A strange pottery

As he was examining a terracotta pot, the archeologist discovered that this enigmatic object held an astonishing secret that had never been discovered by any scientist until then.

Dr Wilhelm noticed that this seemingly trivial pot was ornamented with a strange iron rod coming out of the bituminous stopper.

This iron rod had been thrust into a copper cylinder and separated from the base of the pot with a slab of tar.

The copper cylinder was enclosed with an alloy of tin and lead.

Other antique batteries

As a matter of fact, this pot that had the structure of a battery was not unique. Several identical objects were found in the ruins of Khujut Rabu, a Parthian town discovered near Bagdad.

These antique batteries are said to date back to the third century B.C. – around 250 B.C. – while batteries were supposedly invented by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta in 1800!

Even older batteries were found near Ctesiphon, another ancient Parthian city located on the banks of the Tigris in Iraq.

The copper parts were blue, which is one of the consequences related to electrolysis, the chemical principle making it possible for modern batteries to function.

The same typical traces of electroplating, another name for electrolysis, were found on Sumerian pots – which date back to more than 2,500 years B.C – made of a mix of copper and silver.

Unbelievable experiences

To check whether these pots were really batteries, some researchers reproduced them and managed to make them work by generating an electric current of 0.5 to 1.5 volts!

These experiences showed that our ancestors certainly used batteries long before they were officially invented. There is enough to cause many facts deemed to be true by History to be reconsidered…


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