People have been backing up from what’s bad so hard—boy, the amount of energy expended in backing up from something that’s bad is wonderful to behold. Particularly when you observe the fact that the harder you back up, the solider the cable you put on what you’re backing away from.

“That which you fear, you bring to you. Why? Because all you had to do was be it and you were no longer—it was no longer possible for that to hurt you or even be bad. All you had to do was be it. Instead of that, they said, ‘Run away from it.’ That was a new idea. Abandon it. Well, the second you ran away from it, if you had anchor points in it, of course, you brought the anchor points in, too. And that collapsed the terminal on you, so you became something bad. What do you know? Neat trick.”

“Never close your lips to those to whom you have opened your heart.”
Author, Charles Dickens

Your action for today is to call someone and tell them you appreciate them being in your life.


“Handling people becomes very, very simple, with one proviso: if you like people—not obsessively or compulsively, but if you just like people. …

“You should be able to sort of reach out to your fellow human being and just sort of, you know, shake him by the hand. You should be able to do this.

“It’s quite amazing. I walk down the street, I see somebody, it is almost a no-occurrence to have somebody frown or to have somebody get upset because I stepped on their toes or pushed them sideways, something like that. They don’t. They smile.

“Why? It’s because I smiled at them first and they did a duplication. I like them. They’re fine. They’re very easy to handle. They’re no real trouble. Sometimes they get into positions in life and the positions talk and then they’re just a little bit of trouble. But that’s trouble with a position. You don’t have to change the people, change the positions.”

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One Response to 19.1.2017

  1. Kodwo Mensah Ababio Grey-Mills says:

    It has a nice ring to it. The world does need more people to work towards bringing about peace; the scourge of wars should become something of the past

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