A Vision for Release

Today’s Vision comes in from Carol Peacock who is one of our favorite contributors. Carol always comes from the heart, just the way we like it! Thanks so much, Carol, and keep them coming . . .

We envision a time of release of past pain, actions we regret, and thoughts that inhibit our progress.  Now that we know without a doubt that our thoughts create the present we no longer have a need to carry the woes of the past with us.  Because we know that our actions were perfect for the time and brought us to where we are now it is not necessary to feel regret.

We find that in the past we felt that loss was painful but in the present moment we know that everything happens perfectly according to the contracts and plans of the each individual.  Now we are able to release this pain and honor the perfection of each past moment.  We feel joy for the learning experiences and the progression of consciousness that each of these actions, painful losses, and regrets have brought to each and every one of us.

Our gift for this release is the awareness that the space we have freed up within ourselves is available to use for our visions of life unfolding that reflect the highest good for all mankind.  As we take action on these visions we find ourselves living within a New Earth that knows no pain, that feels no regret, that is not inhibited by negative thought or action.  Now we live in gratitude for each moment we have experienced knowing that that is what has delivered us to the present.

We now see the present through the eyes of God, honoring our choices, gently moving through a life based on loving kindness, and feeling the joy of each learning experience with knowledge that each experience IS a learning experience.  We now feel trust for our fellow man because we know that we are all acting in the highest good for the whole. Our hearts are filled with gladness, our minds are filled with loving positive thoughts, our bodies react in perfect health, our eyes see each and every person in their highest light.  Our regrets are replaced with eternal joy.  We are full of love and light and bask in the bliss of Oneness.

This is our intent and it is grounded in the highest good for all.  And so it is







“It’s easier to have the vigor of youth when you’re old than the wisdom of age when you are young.”
Writer, Richard Needham

Your action for today is to complete the following statement: If I were young, I would _____________. Then either go ahead and do it. If it happens to be physically impossible, do something similar that isn’t.

A Vision for Books and Bookstores

We see a world where we, the people, no longer buy into the lie that the booksellers have been handing us about providing us with what we’re wanting to read – because we’ve now realized, beyond all doubt, that they’ve been providing us with what they want us to read in order to satisfy their own self-serving purposes.

Thus, we see a world where bookstores have changed their priorities entirely, so that now, when you walk into a bookstore, the books which are most likely to bring you happiness and fulfillment are displayed prominently in the front of the store – while the books which were written solely for the purpose of frightening you or lining the author’s pockets are relegated to the obscure shelves in the back of the store.

We also see chlidren’s books, now, written and distributed so that the child’s highest and best interests are served; and where the subject matter of these books is meant, not to subtly encourage our children to become better consumers, conformers, or soldiers, but to encourage them to be more resourceful, creative, and free thinking people.

And finally, we see a world where authors, publishers, and booksellers alike have all moved away from praising and offering us stark tragedies. Now they have lightened up and filled the shelves with books that are meant help us, books that warm our hearts, and books that have happy endings.


“The Lord gave us two ends — one to sit on and the other to think with. Success depends on which one we use the most.”
Columnist, Ann Landers

Your action for today is think of a new way to handle a problem or challenge you’re currently facing.



A Vision for Hunting

We see a world where hunting animals for sport is considered primitive and has become an archaic endeavor; where we human beings – all of us – are now able to place ourselves in the positions of the animals we used to hunt for sport; where we understand, to the breadth and depth of our beings, that these animals did not want to be killed for any reason whatsoever – that they wanted to continue living and enjoying their lives to the fullest, just like we do. Consequently, we see a world where they feel safe and have gladly come back out into the open now so that we can shoot them with our cameras, instead of guns like we used to.

And, finally, we see ourselves living in a world where we human beings have become empowered to the point whereby we can easily manifest all of the nutritious food sources needed for our survival without having to interrupt the life of an animal, ever. In his way, not only have we stopped hunting for sport, we no longer feel the need to hunt our beautiful animals for food either.

“Repetition does not transform a lie into the truth.”
Franklin Roosevelt

Your action for today is to see if there is something you know is a lie that you keep repeating hoping that it becomes true.

A Vision for Building a Light Body

We see a world where people everywhere, in every land, in every walk of life, have realized that there is a process of evolution proceeding in humankind, and that this process involves us growing a soul – or, as it is sometimes called, building a light body.

We see humanity’s focus on education now directed away from the mundane political, historical, and economic topics, and moved toward those endeavors which enhance the possibilities for our soul’s growth – endeavors such as meditation, right thinking, proper prayer, intention making, community making, self empowerment, Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga, pranic breathing, pranic eating, astrology, tarot, daily exercise and more. Likewise, we see certain books being especially helpful. Books such as: I Ching, A Course in Miracles, The Way of Mastery, Journey Beyond Words, The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World, The Fifth Agreement, Oneness, The Impersonal Life, The Way Out, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, The Twelfth Insight, The I AM Discourses, books by Gregg Braden, Abraham/Hicks, Barbara Marciniak, Deepak Chopra, Rasha, James Redfield, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Ken Carey, Neale Donald Walsch, Mike Dooley, Byron Katie, Kryon, David Wilcock, Carlos Casteneda and more.

Accordingly, we see ourselves living in a world where our priorities have shifted en masse, whereby we now know that our essence is multidimensional, and that the next rung on our evolutionary ladder brings us into a conscious awareness of God and the knowing that we are all connected to each other. With such an awareness, our Spirit is freed to explore, experience, and evolve into lighter states of being, higher states of joy, sacred states of love.

“Things aren’t what they used to be and probably never were.”
Will Rogers

Your action for today is to notice if you find yourself making comparisons to the way things used to be. If you do, then ask yourself what is the purpose of comparing.

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