Does People Pleasing Lead to Impotence?

Make It Your Problem

So many times this past month (and for Canadians the next 10 weeks) I have witnessed someone sell their soul and give away a piece of themselves by not saying what they truly believe. I have heard statements made to appease, to please and to ease but very few that were even meant to tease the mind of the listener. Politicians, salespeople and fundraisers are all protecting their base and playing loose and easy with the truth and their individual values. In the short term, I think we all recognize when someone is polishing our apple and we lose a bit of respect for them. When someone gives me all their power I wonder what “is wrong with them?” In the long term, I have become cynical.

I distrust people I once admired and am looking for a breath of fresh air – a leader, a states-person, a courageous committed…

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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