Worldwide Earth Weather Extremes Will Suddenly Make Sense, With Earth Wobble Time Lapse Gif

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

  • Worldwide Earth Weather Extremes Will Suddenly Make Sense, With Earth Wobble Time Lapse Gif

    Earthlings, when I see this image, it reminds me of why the weather is so extreme… we have snow in some parts that normally don’t get snow… we have extreme shifts of weather… warm… to cold…. we have changes in growing… the way we grow food, and the way we survive, are now coming to the forefront… this changes things… our planet wobbles with extreme weather… love is the answer, even to a wobbling planet.*y*lv9XSpmJ01NHL4*B-7Qqdb3Ij5e3Smy4PPyB00ylYqLtDaptLXlgqrbquz6QPCU9-nHGSDt9PvQu06/wobbleB.gif

    Irrefutable Timelapse Proof, That Earth Is Wobbling Due To Nibiru?

    This is very interesting… this image… things do look a little wobbly don’t they?  I doubt the camera is wobbling, but it is possible… if the camera is wobbling, it still suggests something is disturbing the cosmic wind.  Remember, that we are talking about a large magnetic clash with a very large body that…

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