Humiliation and Recognition are Twins

Faded Recollections

I had heard about Froshing; the first Friday of a new school year where freshmen were hazed as part of a school sanctioned initiation. The stories had filtered down to middle school and had become legendary over the summer. No chance meeting, planned activity, hangout happened without raising the prospect of humiliation, embarrassment and maybe even injury.

Pushing pennies down a 300 foot hallway with your nose, wearing a diaper all day in class, following seniors on hands and knees like a dog seemed like mild expressions of Freshie Day by the time we allowed our imaginations to run wild. “ I heard that one boy was forced to run naked thr0ugh the girl’s locker room”. “ A friend of a friend’s sister carried her books on her head all day and if she let them fall, they publically spanked her”. “ Whatever you do – don’t cry. They made…

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