The Power of Positive Thinking

Business in Berkshire

I just read about this young man yesterday… WOW…meet Easton LaChappelle…

He met a 7 year old girl who had a prosthetic limb that was very basic in its functionality but cost $80,000 and so he decided he wanted to make one for under £1,000!

Using his brain, a 3D Printer and some sticky back plastic he got set up to win that all important Blue Peter badge (do they still do them?)

What an inspiration, he’s done it and then shared all the information online for others to use / improve on… that’s the way of the future, sharing ideas that help other people with no thought of excessive profits.

I hope to read about this guy in 5, 10, 20 years time… of the great things he is creating / facilitating… I don’t want to read he got killed in a car crash as others with a…

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