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I’m happy my guest, Kalen Smith, decided to share his research and thoughts on SSO today. Thank you!

About the author: Kalen Smith is a passionate technology entrepreneur and internet marketer.
He founded Offsite Optimizer in 2011 with his college friend Devin Thayer.
He now manages the website Design Tickle where he shares trends in the technology landscape.


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Using your Twitter password to log into another site is called Social Login/SSO. Are you comfortable with that? http://is.gd/H4InzQ

As internet technology evolves, users are becoming more and more impatient.

Many people are turned off even by the negligible amount of time it takes to access different accounts. Developers have recognized this need and responded by creating single sign-on tools (SSO). SSO is available for many different types of applications, but is probably most commonly used with social media accounts.

Single Social Login: History and Current…

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