Natives of the world, have not conspired to take over all of you… we are generally not promoting the brainwashing of the world to accept a new world chaos-based order, where we control all of you based on fabricated events that are presented as real news, and always death… so you might want to put some trust in us… some faith, if you struggle with helping out with native oppression in

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

This is big ancestral clearing stuff and thank you for your own efforts to clear the ancestral ‘old tapes’…. it is a very big gift to offer Creation, they want to know how we will do it… we know that some of our countries are founded on brown brother being visited and betrayed by fake friends… we know that don’t we? I do not want that legacy to continue with our great works both here and to come. I’m so relieved that humanity is learning how to never be fooled… we’re in the greatest con in the history of the universe, if you want a rather large clue… earth is not a matrix that is easy to figure out… but we are figuring it out… it’s what we came here to do… not one real (not cloned) human came to earth without a mission. Natives of the world, have not…

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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