Scottish Referendum : What are you passionate about?

Business in Berkshire

When we are engaged in things that we are passionate about then time flies and we have an abundance of energy, we don’t care what time it is!

We are intrinsically motivated, it’s internal, we can’t help it, it’s who we are…

When we do things that we find dull & boring there is a disconnect, it’s like walking through mud and that second hand is like a minute hand… we can’t wait for clocking off time so we can dash off and do something completely different instead.

Someone handing me a form, that’s heavy duty to me! But my wife’s brain is quite happy to tick the relevant boxes and get it done… her thing is getting it right… she needs to know all the answers or it bugs the hell out of her… me, I go with the nearest answer or the one that feels right so I…

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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