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A Vision for our Interconnectedness

Here is one of Richard’s favorite Visions.

I see a world where every human being understands the interconnectedness of life and acknowledges that whatever they think, speak and do has an effect on all of life. I see this world as one in which we totally understand that we are all spiritual beings because of our direct relationship with the source of all existence, the source we often call God. Because of this knowledge that everything in existence is made up of this one source we realize that we are part of the source energy that pervades all of life and therefore everything that we experience is a direct result of the life energy of the source moving through us. This awareness allows us to easily see that the best way we can ever serve ourselves at the highest of levels is to serve all others at the highest of levels.

Living with the Interconnectedness of Life allows each of us to take total responsibility for our lives instead of taking on the role of a victim. This understanding of the cause and effect relationship in life means that we will never again place blame and judgment because we know that we are the source of our happiness and therefore happily move through our days in awareness of our ability to affect all of life in the most positive of ways.



your astrological sign is your best ally

Most people know their sign, but what exactly do they know about it? I mean their astrological sign, of course. Identifying with your zodiacal sign can open the doors to happiness for you, and I’m going to teach you how to approach it so you profit fully.

An astrological sign stays with you constantly throughout your lifetime. You can’t change it, and it’s at your disposal 24 hours a day to give you the indications you need, so you shouldn’t hesitate to broaden your understanding of it.

Your astrological sign is a real-life compass

Haven’t you ever felt confused in life, only to eventually get back on track and resume your usual existence?
And yet, you have an extraordinary means at your disposal for extricating yourself from all sorts of situations: relying on your astrological sign.

Without the signs of the zodiac no predictions would be possible, and no horoscopes could be envisaged. To create an astral chart, a large amount of data must be taken into account:
– the position of the stars on the day of your birth
– your rising sign
– your decant
– the position of the stars in the coming days…

Your zodiacal sign is the cornerstone of all your astrological predictions.

Each sign of the zodiac has specific characteristics

Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has specific spiritual and psychological characteristics, and it would be a pity not to use them to your advantage. By learning about the characteristics of your sign, you’ll find some that correspond to you, and others you may not recognize.

The particularities of each sign are general. They don’t correspond to you as an individual, but to all people born under the same sign. It’s understandable that certain specific traits of a sign do not fit perfectly with who you are.

Incarnate your sign

To really appropriate your astrological sign, you should try to apply its positive characteristics to your personality. For example, the sign of Aries is recognized as a sign of action, energy, and enthusiasm, inciting people of this sign to move forward.

Someone born under the sign of Aries should be a go-getter, and tend to be in the forefront of things. An Aries person is full of audacity, and must dare to succeed.

Your sign is what you make of it

Your zodiacal sign provides you with general indications that are not made randomly. The psychological characteristics of each sign are established through very precise calculations that have nothing to do with chance.

A sign of the zodiac is determined by the position of the Sun in your birth chart. It is this solar positioning that provides amazingly precise information about your true personality, through the characteristics of your sign. You can therefore have complete confidence in your sign of the zodiac.

Discovering your faults can improve your life

Often people refuse to consult their zodiacal sign because it also reveals certain faults. It’s important to transform these faults to make progress and improve your life.

Not recognizing one of your faults is the same as bearing a heavy burden.

You need to accept the totality of your personality as revealed by your zodiacal sign, both the congenial aspects, and the distasteful ones. The same holds true in life, and astrology is one of the keys to a contented existence.

Really incarnate your sign

I told you before to incarnate your sign, and I can’t repeat it often enough. Think of your astrological sign as the compass of your vessel through life. You can consult it at any time and find out what to do. Maintaining such an attitude will be very beneficial if you want your astrological predictions to become a reality. An astrological prediction is only a possibility that is being offered to you.

For it to become real you need to integrate it, do certain things, and emit positive thoughts. Reading about the characteristics of your sign will give you the necessary indications for success.


Develop Your Mind: Ideas to handle with care

I’ve spoken to you about the importance of practicing positive thinking to change your life. But ideas are energy that can be difficult to control. What you need to do is prevent negative thoughts from undermining your progress towards happiness and success.

Ultimately, the method of positive thinking is the solution to all your problems. To apply it, you need to generate positive, constructive thoughts that affirm your self-confidence, as well as the confidence you have in your abilities and in your future, while not emitting any contradictory thoughts. That’s easier said than done.

Reverse the current

Imagine life as a tempestuous river you are navigating, sometimes in control, sometimes incapable of controlling anything.

When you’re in control of a situation, you can direct the heading of your ship of life using the rudder and oars of your mind. During these moments you naturally emit positive thoughts.

But when you no longer feel you’re the master of your life, you become like a boat without a rudder, tossed about by the waves and currents. And it is during such periods that you are most likely to generate negative thoughts that prevent you from moving forward, and can even cancel out the benefits of your previous efforts.

If you want to keep a firm grip on the rudder of your life and point it in the direction of your choosing, you should try to keep this image of a boat navigating the treacherous currents of a river in your mind.

When things are going well, you emit more positive thoughts and give yourself more strength, motivation and willpower.

When things aren’t so good, when you find yourself generating negative thoughts and letting doubt get the better of you, you can rapidly regain control of your vessel by consciously generating positive thoughts to weaken the negative current that’s taken hold of you.

If you let the negative currents carry you away, they will become stronger and stronger, until you reach a point of no return.

To prevent that from happening, you always need to be vigilant and neutralize negative thoughts as soon as they arise. That is vital for experiencing happiness.

Patience and the passage of time…

If you want to reverse a negative current and make it positive, you must not let yourself get stressed-out, upset, or discouraged. If you do, you’ll only impede your progress.

Calm down, and learn to stay calm. Do not react aggressively to attacks from the outside (which may not be easy at first).

In addition to the great virtue of calmness, you should also practice patience. If you can be calmer, you won’t become impatient. And if you can be more patient, you will also be calmer. The two are interdependent. By expressing both, you will open wide the doors to success!

Take your time and learn to practice self-control. Don’t try to change ideas and reflexes that have been with you for years in just a few days.

Give up your rage and aggression

If you cultivate patience each day, you’ll see the virtue benefiting all aspects of your life. It’s no good making decisions under pressure, either because of time or other people. Experience shows that decisions made under duress are usually not the best ones, far from it.

At the beginning, even generating only a single positive thought each day will be a great step forward.

Starting today, and on every day that follows, force yourself to emit at least one positive thought, either spontaneously or as a reaction to a negative thought.

Take a few minutes to formulate a short, affirmative statement, for example about the self-confidence you feel. Even if you’re not feeling very confident, it doesn’t matter.

The magic of positive thinking is that it imposes ideas on your brain with such conviction that they become your own. Eventually you will think, speak and act with self-confidence.

Try not to get upset, be patient, and be constant generating positive thoughts. You will quickly go from one positive thought a day to two, three, four, and so on, and your state of mind will gradually be transformed for the better.


Mysteries of the Universe: The Nazca Geoglyphs

On the high Andean plateau in Peru, South America, depictions of geometric forms and animals can be seen from the sky that are invisible to people standing on the ground. Who created these gigantic forms, called geoglyphs, and why?

The modern history of the Nazca started in 1926, when a pilot flew over the site and discovered the immense figures traced on the ground. Some of the geoglyphs were so big they could only be measured in kilometers, and were found in the desert, in the middle of nowhere!

The geoglyphs were created by the Nazca, a pre-Incan civilization in southern Peru, which reached its height between 300 and 800 B.C. Actually, there are two sites, the best-known being the one named after the Nazca civilization that created the immense figures. The other site is called Pampas de Jumana, but the Nazca site is by far the most spectacular.

Scientific invasion

This archeological event of world importance attracted many scientists to the sites, two of the most famous being Paul Kosok and Maria Reiche, both highly respected researchers.

Maria Reiche (1903-1998) was a German mathematician who spent long years studying the mysterious geoglyphs and their enigmatic meaning.

Some geoglyphs are figurative and represent a specific animal, like a monkey, a condor, a dog or a spider. Others are composed of geometric figures like spirals, lines and ellipses.

The strangest thing is that, although the figures extend over vast distances and alterations in terrain (hills and valleys, gorges and rifts), the accuracy and rectitude of the drawings was not in the least affected.

Landing runways?

One of their most common geometric forms is the isosceles triangle, perfectly depicted and precisely oriented.

Various hypotheses were considered by many researchers, but none could understand why the Nazca would draw lines in the earth that were so long and perfectly straight, without having a specific reason.

Nothing in the Nazca traditions or religious beliefs could explain why they would construct these rectilinear forms, that resemble nothing so much as runways in our modern airports!

Gigantic animals

In addition to geometric figures, animals were also portrayed in the earth that were remarkably precise. They too were spread over kilometers, but were always faithful representations of the animal being depicted.

From a spider with legs 50 meters long to a condor with a 120 meter wingspan, all the beasts were drawn with great attention to detail and respect for proportion. That is all the more remarkable when you consider that they can be perceived only when seen from high above the ground. The Nazca had not discovered aviation, so there was no way they could have seen them, even from neighboring hillsides.

What fabrication process was used?

It‘s thanks to the work of Maria Reiche that we know a little more about the techniques used to create these geoglyphs.

According to her, the first thing the Nazca did was strip the ground of rocks and stones that would obstruct the outlines of the glyphs. Then, furrows were dug into the earth for each of the figures. Finally, stones were laid in the furrows, according to specific plans created beforehand.

Knowing how doesn’t explain everything

The theory presented by Maria Reiche seems plausible, but doesn’t explain how the Nazca verified that the figures they depicted with stones on the ground really matched the plans they wanted to reproduce. At the moment, how the completed figures were verified is still a scientific mystery.

So how did the Nazca – or someone else – do it?

Were the Nazca able to fly?

No human civilization existing between 300 B.C. and 800 A.D. had the ability to fly, or could build machines to fly for them.

The renowned Leonardo de Vinci was the first person to draw a flying machine in the 15th Century, but it never actually worked. The first official balloon flight by the Montgolfier brothers took place in 1783 (A.D.) in Paris.

But is it possible that the Nazca had found a way to fly, or at least to rise up into the sky?

Some researchers claim they were able to fabricate hot air balloons capable of lifting them high off the ground.

In 1975, two aerospace specialists, Julian Nott from England and the American Jim Woodman, produced a hot air balloon with ropes and sails that existed at the time of the Nazca. They were able to lift their balloon to a height of 90 meters, before it suddenly plunged to the ground, almost costing one of the researchers his life.

The extraterrestrial angle

This is where the extraterrestrial theory comes in. The hypothesis looked a lot more appealing after scientists were unable to offer any other plausible explanation for what the figures on the ground were actually used for, especially after the hot-air balloon experiment failed.

The puzzle led to the theory that extraterrestrials had landed on the sparsely inhabited plateaus of southern Peru, a theory, by the way, that is supported by one of the foremost specialists in Nazca culture, Erich von Daniken.

“You are a living magnet. What you attract in your life is in perfect harmony with your dominant thoughts.”
Author, Brian Tracy

Your action for today is to look at the condition of one of the areas of your life that is in great shape and then identify your thoughts around it.


A Vision for Our Power

We envision a world where all people in all lands – from the youngest to the oldest, the poorest to the richest, the weakest to the strongest, the meekest to the loudest and proudest – have fully realized that our thoughts are the forerunners of our experiences; where we know that everything we say and do is preceded by our thoughts; and where everyone understands, without any contradiction whatsoever, that tomorrow’s world depends on today’s thoughts.

We see schools set up to teach these empowering principles to our children from kindergarten on up. We see “Your thoughts create your world” replacing “Run, Spot, Run” and “See Dick and Jane” in the earliest primers. We see entire curriculums based upon right thinking, thinking that serves us, thinking that will give us the results we’re looking for. And we see meditation and positive mind control techniques taught in schools so that, now, our attention is no longer taken over by the constant, tape-loop, insane, internal dialogue of the past. Instead, now it is self-directed, directed by our creative impulses, directed by our love for life and our responsibility to create a better world for our children.

And finally, we see humanity having created a magnificent, abundant world for ourselves because we have accessed our power by realizing that our future and our thoughts are directly related to one another. Everywhere, we are awakened and standing strong in our power because our thoughts no longer choose us. We choose our thoughts.

A Vision for the Animals

We’ve received many emails requesting that we address a Vision for the Animals soon. To this we say, “Gladly!”

We see a world where all animals – large and small, courageous and timid, wild and domesticated, strong and weak – are treated as we ourselves would want to be treated; where all killing of animals, for any reason, has stopped, and as a result, a newfound connection between animals and humans has been forged.

We see all those who fly, swim, walk, and crawl upon the Earth now being loved so much that a new line of communication has opened which allows all humans to interact telepathically with the animals. Accordingly, and because of this new communication, we humans are now being taught by the animals how to look at life with new eyes.

Finally, we see a change occurring in the animals whereby they no longer feed upon one another, where the lion literally lies down with the lamb, and the carnivores have evolved to where their bodies are able to survive and thrive by eating plants only.

Can you imagine this? If you can imagine it, you can create it – a world completely restructured whereby the old reciprocal feeding process that existed for eons upon the Earth has come and gone; and where there is such an abundance of fruits, herbs, and plant sources that all of us – people and animals alike – are full of belly and free to walk openly anywhere, anytime, knowing that we are safe and able to pursue our lives without interruptions or interference from others. It is possible!

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