list 29.6.2014

Everyone is searching for the remedy or elixir of eternal youth to remain eternally young, at least throughout their lifetime.

But staying young doesn’t mean keeping the body of a young man or woman throughout your existence. It means keeping your mind young.
Similarly, keeping your mind young doesn’t mean reasoning like an adolescent, which you were before your twenties.

Staying young has nothing to do with taking some drink that will enable you to stay forever young.

Keeping your mind young consists in having an open mind and being curious about existence. If you act that way you will stay eternally young, at least during your entire terrestrial existence. That’s the only way to stay young.

In fact, aging, like youth, is also a question of state of mind. If you start thinking you’re old or aging, you will become old!

So from now on, no matter what your present state of mind, start thinking you’re young all the time and you will stay young, or become young once again.

Scientific studies have already demonstrated the influence a positive state of mind has on health.

Even more astonishing: other studies have shown it also has an influence on human bodily functions, and could cause an inversion of their aging and rejuvenating processes. So think young!

In all devotion,


“Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you, but not in the one ahead.”
Poet and Author, Bill McGlashen

Your action for today is to drive the speed limit and notice how it feels to do so.


Click to access GV-Art-De-Montfort-University-Automatic-Art-Press-Release.pdf





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