Galactic Federation of Light Via SaLuSa, Says Avoidance Of “Jesus” Is Root Cause Of Humanities Problems

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Galactic Federation of Light Via SaLuSa, Says Avoidance Of “Jesus” Is Root Cause Of Humanities Problems

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1 Response to Galactic Federation of Light Via SaLuSa, Says Avoidance Of “Jesus” Is Root Cause Of Humanities Problems

  1. Faye Brown says:

    I consider that the “misconceived-perception” of this immortal celestial Being‘s message, has been the source of humanity‘s problems … and not only the messages he left but the misconceived-perception of even the old testament has been a root cause of humanity’s lack of conscious development … So I would suggest not to blame the man and his messages, but the deceivers and manipulators of his words … and those who ever bombard humanity with the electron’s negative energy which retards consciousness in a low frequency state of awareness, and blame those who will not teach mainstream people that alliances of Positive Light stars are their home and not temporary zones of earth’s surface nor unorthodox alliances of electron-negative sources which support this ill-gotten monetary system …

    Messages of the true Christ consciousness were never to teach about financial success and materialistic inheritance and gains in this world .. The message was to teach about a true (beam me up Scotty) ascension into Higher realms of Higher celestial worlds …

    If teachers would have taught celestial truths of religion and not this worldly perception of religion … there would be peace in this world …

    If teachers would have simply taught and lead by example daily practice of Loving and caring for one another without prejudice of race, creed or color .. the Loving Spirit of Positive Energy would have united a world as one people ..

    If teachers would taught that there is a Cosmic Source of Power and Light which has the ability to take an individual’s body and/or their disembodied soul of consciousness’ through space and time … into a celestial world of a First Magnitude Star’s prepared established alliance of star colonies and their mansions of dwellings, so much strife would have been eliminated …

    And would have taught that one such Representative of one such First Magnitude Star was indeed this true famed Jesus of Nazareth, and that He and Mohammed of ALLAH are kindred celestial Brothers associated with the same constellation alliance ….

    If teachers would have taught that ‘a soul’ can enter into other physical realities in which their Karma signature is compatible with … then mainstream would no longer fear the body’s shutting down, nor would they fight for lands and their illusion of wealth ….

    It mainstream had been taught that the statement of “in my Father’s house there are many mansions” .. is actually saying how in the alliance of the “First Magnitude Father Star’s division of a zodiac house, there are many mansions” .. people would not be robbing, stealing and killing for materialistic worth of this world.

    If only mainstream had been taught the mysteries of ‘cosmic Kingdoms‘, the strife of this worldly financial accomplishments would be eliminated ….

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