list 30.4.2014




A Vision for a World of Light

Our Vision for today was sent in by Rosalia Ana Maria Fernandez and it is as sweet as it gets. We intend that you enjoy its innocence and beauty as we did. Rosalia says:

I see a world where all is made of Light. Persons have light bodies, beautiful bodies and they feel no more pains, hurts, sickness, hot or cold. People are happy to live and are smiling. We all practice energy exercises like yoga, tai-chi, meditation, breath etc. We all can, if we want, fly across the sky without fear and we can visit our friends in other countries or dimensional levels.

In this new Light World there are no wars, drugs or violence. All is peace, people understand the unity with each other. We can be quiet, calm in any place because there are no bad persons, and in parks, and green zones in the city we can see men and women meditating.

The cities are good places, clean, where people walk peacefully, and have all they need or want without money. Money does not exist because all people have everything they want.

I see a world where the light is in the thinking, in actions, in emotions. Animals are loved and protected. We eat only vegetables. The plants are all cared for and grow wonderfully in a lot of places in the street.

People can heal themselves and heal others with their own hands and mind and there are no hospitals because there is no need.

I see a Light World where all the persons have home, food, water and all live happily. The teachers teach to envision, to imagine, to hear the mind, to heal and to develop the love.

I see a world of Light, peace and prosperity.
Thank You, Rosalia. We see it too!

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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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