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“It’s easy to get people’s attention; what counts is getting their interest.”
Civil Rights Activist, Philip Randolph

Your action for today is to see if you can capture someone’s interest.



How To Call On Your Spiritual Guides

For me, Spiritual Guides are a living source of inspiration each day, and also each night, since they come to me in dreams, as well as during my clairvoyant trances, whenever I desire, or whenever they decide.

Your Spiritual Guides can also come to your aid. They have already done so many times during your life, but you may not have realized, at the time, that they were supporting you or protecting you against danger.
Don’t you ever feel as if someone were standing close to you, radiating a gentle warmth that brings on a feeling of well-being… for no apparent reason?

Haven’t you ever instinctively asked for help from God, Heaven, the Saints, a Divinity of one tradition or another, etc., to resolve a problem, and then see things rapidly fall into place?

Ask And It Shall Be Granted

The sign that one of my Spiritual Guides is near always comes in the form of a gentle breeze that caresses my face like a soft breath.
My mind is filled with a sensation of extreme well-being, which enables me to attain a state of deep trance, although I remain completely conscious. In fact, I am totally open to everything that surrounds me.

All my senses are fully awakened: I see better, distinguishing even the tiniest details in my surroundings. I hear sounds that are almost imperceptible to the human ear.

The strongest sensation, the one that reveals the arrival of a Spiritual Guide, is a feeling of complete oneness with my environment. And I’m not referring to any kind of intellectual understanding, but to a real feeling of being one element among many others, wherever I happen to be.

The Feeling of Being An Element in a Greater Whole

I usually practice out in nature, often close to a source of water, an element that’s very important as a transmitter of energy, like air.

There are usually trees around me, and plants and flowers. When I touch them in this higher state of consciousness, I don’t feel at all separate from them.

They are an extension of my being, as I am an extension of theirs. A strange sensation runs through me, especially when I’m in physical contact with them. It’s as if they were trying to communicate with me, to transmit their energy to me.

And the movement doesn’t flow in only one direction, since I transmit my vibrations to them as well, in a real exchange that is mutually sustaining.
It is often during these supreme moments, when I am in total communion with Nature, that one of my Spiritual Guides from the Higher Spheres appears to me.

Then I feel immersed in a powerful ray of energy, bathed in infinitely brilliant light.

Apparitions That Are Always Beneficial

These apparitions have a spiritually therapeutic quality, because the quasi-palpable energy emitted by a Spiritual Guide accomplishes an act of inner purification that is both regenerating and exhausting.

Beneficial energy fills me with vitality that sometimes lasts for weeks, and that’s a good thing because Spiritual Guides from the Higher Celestial Spheres are not ‘on call’ and ready to appear at any moment, for just any earthly reason.
They only materialize on a perceivable level when they are strongly supplicated, with sincerity and belief in their powers, and for very important reasons, like classic traditional ceremonies, or to help someone resolve a problem that is fundamental to their evolution.

Everyone Can Summon A Guide

You mustn’t believe that apparitions of Higher Beings and their advice are reserved for only a few people, and not for others.
You too can benefit, either for yourself or for someone close to you.
How? By supplicating beneficial spirits called Divine Protectors or Angels by some.

They can guide you in a more direct way towards the place in life that suits you best. Here’s how to proceed to enter into contact with them:

•    Formulate a list of problems you want to resolve.
•    Get comfortable in a calm place, if possible out in Nature.
•    Take a few deep breaths, without forcing yourself.
•    After a moment, create a visualization in your mind of how your Guardian Protector (if you know who it is) appears in the invisible spheres.

Formulate one question at a time, the one that seems most immediately urgent to you, concerning a difficult situation you rapidly need to sort out. If you know who your Spiritual Guide is, visualize them intensely. Open your mind completely and let the flow of sensations overwhelm you.

At a certain moment you’ll see a flash of light, and you’ll know your Guide is there. Once in their presence, don’t forget to salute them, both when they arrive and when they depart.

Ask your question. They will respond in accordance with how far advanced you are on your spiritual path, either directly through oral teachings, or by making certain images, symbols or objects that are linked to your problem appear.

You shouldn’t have any trouble understanding or interpreting what you perceive, because the Higher Spirits always choose teachings or symbols the seeker can understand.

As long as your intentions are pure and destined to help you make progress, you can always count on the presence and intercession of your Spiritual Guides.


Develop Your Mind: Combat Crisis Through Relaxation!

You’d have to be from the planet Mars not to know that we’re in the middle of a world economic crisis. Not a day goes by without more bad news on TV, on the radio, in the newspapers.

You Can’t Escape the Crisis

No one can escape the consequences of the economic crisis on a psychic level. That’s because your emotions influence your state of mind, something I’m sure you’ve noticed. When things are going well in your profession, in your love-life or in other areas, you feel good. The world becomes beautiful, and you think nothing can happen to you.
But if you get some bad news, or something terrible happens, you feel like the sky is about to fall on your head. Life becomes hell, and your path seems strewn with obstacles.

The Origin of Emotions

Your emotions, which have a powerful impact on your personality, aren’t born in a vacuum. They’re created by the impressions you receive from the outside world, through your senses, which you then express in thought, word and deed.

From this perspective, the bad news constantly being broadcast by various media about the economic crisis creates a huge amount of negative emotions in you, which becomes a permanent trap. That’s because negative emotions produce stress, anxiety and fear, all of which have disastrous effects on our health.

Did you know that stress makes you much more vulnerable to disease, the result of cellular degeneration, cardiovascular problems, and premature aging? Stress can actually shorten your lifespan by many years.

One Solution: Organic Food

Because of the transformations they undergo, and the many suspect substances that are added to them, industrially-processed foods are like empty shells, and don’t give us the nutrients our metabolism needs to function properly.

I recommend eating “organic” foods which, contrary to popular opinion, are not always more expensive than industrial foods. When I say “organic” I’m not only referring to foods with ‘bio’ labels that were grown under strict conditions, from seed to harvest. I’m also talking about foods you can buy at small outlets, the kind that still exist in local markets in cities and towns, and food stands out in the countryside.

The food these growers sell isn’t always more expensive, and it’s sometimes even cheaper than what you find in larger outlets, which are supplied directly by a few huge companies that dominate the agricultural industry.

Go and check for yourself. It may mean a slight difference to your wallet, but it’ll result in a huge difference to your health!

How To Protect Your Mind and Body Against Crisis

Your mind is constantly being bombarded by all the bad news in the media, which stresses you and can even make you depressed.

If you don’t do anything about it, you risk exposing yourself to psychosomatic illnesses, i.e. harmful influences the mind (psycho) can have on the body (soma). Many physical illnesses are the result of a negative state of mind, i.e. depression, nervousness, anxiety, and so on.

The cause-and-effect relationship has now been officially recognized, and many health issues like skin problems, hypertension, asthma, backache… (to name just a few), are now considered to be of psychosomatic origin.

Be Of Good Cheer and You’ll Live Longer!

People in good health are generally in a good mood. They seem to be happier than other people. They’re more mentally agile and in better physical condition, two elements that are indispensable for overcoming the many obstacles we have to face in life.

It’s also been scientifically proven in a number of studies that so-called hostile people, those who continually nourish negative thoughts about themselves and others, are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and cancer, which considerably shortens their life expectancy.

What Can You Do To Fight Bad News?

Fortunately, there is a solution: change your state of mind! Or rather, make it a weapon of defense, an impenetrable barrier against negative emotions and their disastrous consequences on your health and longevity.

A Solution: Meditation

To combat stress, here is a simple technique for relaxing your mind, inspired by methods used in Buddhist meditation.

Method for Relaxing Your Mind
(to be done daily, preferably in the morning)

–    Sit cross-legged on the floor or on a chair, making sure your back is straight. If you use a chair, plant the soles of your feet firmly on the ground and relax your hands on your thighs.
–    Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe naturally, gradually letting your breathing become slower and deeper. Don’t force yourself.
–    Let thoughts run through your mind. Don’t try to think about anything special, and don’t try to hold on to any specific thought. When a thought comes, let it in. When it goes, let it depart.

Do this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes every day.

Gradually, the flow of your thoughts will slow down, your mind will become clearer, and your stress will be eliminated. Negative ideas will soon stop having an effect on you.

If you practice the technique regularly, once a day, you’ll find it an unbeatable way to combat stress.

You’ll notice that you feel better, calmer and more relaxed. And you’ll be less and less affected by negative thoughts and emotions. Your clarity of mind will have positive repercussions your body, making you healthier, more creative, and much more self-confident.

Mysteries of the Universe: The Extraordinary Illfurth Possessions

Real cases of possession are extremely rare. For a case of possession to be recognized by the Church, a certain number of very strict conditions must be met. Among recognized cases, the one concerning the Illfurth Possessions deserves special consideration, both because it was so spectacular, and because it presented a riddle to official science, which was inclined to consider possession a form of mental illness, requiring psychiatric care. But that is difficult to imagine for the possessed boys of Illfurth.
It all took place in the second half of the XIXth Century, in the small village of Illfurth (population 1200 at the time) which is near Mulhouse in Alsace, France.
The Burners were a modest but poor family. The father, Joseph, was a traveling salesman of matches and paraffin (an inflammable substance used to light fires). The mother, Ann-Marie, stayed home and took care of their five children.

Children Behaving Strangely

It all started in the autumn of 1864, when the health of the two eldest sons, Thibault (9 years old) and Joseph (7 years old), started deteriorating for no apparent reason. The doctors who were called to their bedside could find no remedy for their sudden decline.

Then they started behaving very strangely. They would toss and turn in their beds, lash out violently at the furniture around them, cry out and suffer nervous spasms until they fell to the floor, completely exhausted.

Even more strange, the legs of the boys would become so intertwined they couldn’t be separated. At other times a large mass would form in their abdomen, and move around in all directions before it finally disappeared.

The two children were sometimes victims of poltergeists (malevolent spirits) that lifted them out of their chairs and made them float in the air. The boys began painting pictures of horrible demons on the walls, and started talking to them and playing with them.

An Avowed Case of Possession

The village priest, Father Briey, considered a Saint by his parishioners, quickly concluded that it was a case of possession, because the two boys, in addition to their strange behavior, began swearing at everyone and became terribly angry when they were shown a cross or some holy water. They screamed in terror when the names of the Holy Virgin, Jesus Christ or the Holy Trinity were pronounced.

Then the boys, even though they had very little schooling, started talking in different languages. They seemed to be able to speak French, English, Latin, and the dialects of some French and Spanish provinces, fluently, although they’d never left the village where they were born in. The gift of languages is a phenomenon often associated with cases of possession.

Two Children Grappling With Four Demons

The Illfurth case ended up attracting the attention of a number of church dignitaries and scientific experts, all of whom remained perplexed by the exceptional manifestations. Nevertheless, after lengthy questioning of the children, it was discovered that each of them was possessed by two demons.
Thibault was being controlled by two malevolent beings calling themselves Ypes and Orobas, the former saying he was the commander of the 71 demonic legions.

As for Joseph, he was the victim of one demon named Solalethiel, but the second never revealed his name to the unfortunate child. What they all had in common was their terrible fear of the Virgin Mary, and their complaint that they had been cast out of Paradise.

Amazing Gifts of Clairvoyance

The children demonstrated amazing psychic gifts. On a number of occasions, they predicted the deaths of certain village inhabitants. On one occasion, just before a certain Frau Müller died, Thibault knelt before her bed and rang an invisible bell. Another time, when he did the same thing to someone else, he was asked the reason. He declared “I toll the bell for Gregor Kunege.” When Kunege’s daughter responded angrily, saying her father wasn’t even sick, Thibault replied “He just had a fall. Go and see for yourself.” His prediction proved to be exact – the man had just fallen off a scaffold and died!

Demons Difficult to Dislodge

After conducting an unfruitful exorcism in Switzerland, the Bishop of Strasbourg, Mgr. Raess, sent three theologians to Illfurth in April of 1869. They confirmed the case of possession, and recommended isolating Thibault in a monastery. On October 3, 1869, an exorcism began that lasted two days, and required the presence of eleven monks. It was only after a final evocation of the Virgin Mary that little Thibault fell to the ground, finally freed of his malevolent spirits.

The exorcism of his brother Joseph, who was still in Illfurth, took place on October 27, 1869. As with Thibault, it took many hours and a final evocation of the Virgin Mary to get rid of his demons.

It took no less than four years for the two brothers to rid themselves completely of the demonic spell. Because of the terrible physical and psychological toll the ordeal took, neither survived very long. Thibault died in 1871 at the age of sixteen, while Joseph survived until 1882.
In 1870 the parishioners of Illfurth pooled their money and erected a statue of the Virgin Mary atop a stone column, facing the old Burner farm, which has since been destroyed.


KEISER – Global Currency War, Gold, Us Dollar, Gun Control, Great Depression, Economic 201


“An act of goodness is of itself an act of happiness. No reward coming after the event can compare with the sweet reward that went with it.”
Writer, Maurice Maeterlinck

Your action for today is to do a random act of kindness.

30-11-2013: FINDING QUIET TIME IN A FULL HOUSE–pound-400-000-in-London-#.Upn_kuIXcyR



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