Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Photo: THE MAN WHO LEARNED TO SING AGAIN: A lovely woman busker on the street named "Dee" sang like a nightingale... many others in the financial distract in the city she lived in, came by to hear her sing on the street every morning... because she had a such a pure heart and enjoyed being a nightingale, she sang in their presence... she was sure because she sang in the financial district and people liked her voice without question, that her hat would be filled with enough tips to get by... but day-after-day... her hat often had less and less... this perplexed her because she knew the entire district was full of money... one day, one of the men saw her empty hat, and walked up to her rather forcedly, and lectured her on attracting abundance... he said checking his Rolex and not really paying attention to what was happening, that she needed to work on her abundance more... he said look all around us, we live in abundant world... look at all of us, we know all about abundance he said proudly... she looked at him, and asked, if you know so much about abundance, then why do so few of you put money in my hat?... there was a long silence... he thought about it,  opened up his billfold and looked past the several $100 bills, and gave her a quarter and felt quite good about it... she felt quite good about receiving it too, because that day she was completely broke... she felt so good, she gave that quarter to a homeless man... it was all the money she had... he looked at her and felt kind of angry that she gave the homeless man her only 25 cents... "oh you probably don't need the money after all"... then not even done, he called her a crazy bitch, saying next time she won't get anything... the other men standing around laughed and agreed, but each morning they came around to hear her sing, for her voice reminded them something 'loving' they couldn't quite place their mind on... day by day, they watched her crowd and her power grow... the men couldn't believe it, as they thought they were the powerful ones, because their wallets and designer clothes told them so... and people often looked at them...but day after day... the men in their designer clothes became more and more invisible to the people on the streets who normally associated them with 'success'... the men thought to themselves, "why is everybody paying attention to her as if she was successful or something, when we're the successful ones"... one day of the men couldn't resist... and asked the woman her secret... she told them it was easy... the words of Jesus/Sananda say,  "The measure of a Man’s wealth is the measure of wealth he has given.  To enrich yourself with many friends, enrich your friends with yourself"... and "He who seeks love will find it by giving it."... he was shocked by her answer but knew it resonated as truth for him...  because then he realized his whole life, he wasn't really seeking money, he was seeking love... he reached into his wallet and put a bunch of bills in her hat, took off his jacket, loosened his tie, and said, "let's do a song together"...before they sang a note, more people gathered around them both...

THE MAN WHO LEARNED TO SING AGAIN: A lovely woman busker on the street named “Dee” sang like a nightingale… many others in the financial district in the city she lived in, came by to hear her sing on the street every morning…

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