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A Vision for Family and Community

Here is a beautiful Vision sent to us from Michael-Manna. Thank you very much, MM!

I envision a world where there is no longer any need for a government department of social services or child protective services. There is no need as the families are all intact – a mother, father, divine loving groups of people working together to raise our beautiful children. None will be living on the street as every community will provide for and care for everyone else in the community, especially the children.

I see a world where prevention of anything to protect children is unnecessary as all children will be nurtured……Divine loving, caring, families…Divine Feminine / Masculine energy surrounding and being the cornerstone of every family.

And So It IS!


23-06-2013: DO MEN & WOMEN SPEAK TWO DIFFERENT LANGUAGES?–false-flags/wtc7-and-the-deniers.html


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I am the Founder of Global Unity Harmony Foundation
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