Earth’s Magma Now Sloshing Due To Nibiru?

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Earth’s Magma Now Sloshing?

Seems so… looking at some volcanic activity for 2013… it appears we’re going through a big shift… watch for potentially massive shifts relating to new madrid fault… when that goes… we can expect things will be like a train of cards falling.

Science World Report

Eruption Update for May 24, 2013: Turrialba, Copahue, Pavlof, Iceland

Wired (blog)-May 24, 2013
… as seen from the International Space Station on May 18, 2013. Image: NASA. Lots of volcano news over the past few days, not to mention the …

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Caught on camera: The moment giant Mexican volcano pops its top

imaging resource-by Mike Tomkins-4 hours ago
North America’s second-tallest volcano, Popocatépetl has been increasingly active over the last couple of years, with numerous eruption events …
Global Times

Eruption Update for June 3, 2013: Pacaya, Santiaguito, Pavlof …

Wired-Jun 3, 2013
A very small plume seen coming from Alaska’s Pavlof on May 22, 2013. The dark…

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